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Classical website

A classical Website,is what is called a "static" website. It is written in HTML ot XHTML.
HTML is the original language used to write pages for the www. XHTML is a new version of this langage, validated by the W3C consortium, which is the official organisation that decide about te standarts.
Any pro webmaster must update his competences in order to be able to make a static website in XHTML language. Anyway, I did.
An XHTML website is static, which means only a webmaster can update it. Why? because it needs coding knowledge.
What are the advantages of a classic static website ? it allows a quite wide graphical flexibility, and the webmaster can build a complex solid structure that is very serach engine friendly.
The major inconvenient is that you cannot update your website yourself (but do you really want to? do you have the time to do it?) via an admin panel.
What are the alternatives to a classic website: a CMS , or a blog, or a mixed static website with a small part of it that can be dynamicaly updated by you (example only your tarification page).

To make your choice, I propose a skype conference, during while I can explain you the oportunities of today's web standarts for your business. tech.jpg

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