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Photo and Video - Integration of video broadcasting interface on your website
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rather than using external services to display your videocontent on your website/blog, I recommed to use your own webspace to do it...Of course if you think that free services are just free and there is no hidden price, that's your choice..The thing is flash videos can help you progressing in search engines...while it is helping youtube and the people who annouce on you tube when you are using these kind of "free "services...of course itis up to you. Do you know how much space is available for you at your hosting company ? do you know how much space is not used ? chek it out, and check the kind of interface I can implement on a wesite by playing around with this one up.

point you mouse on it and see whit it is possible to do.Of course, the player can be graphicaly customized to your need.

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