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Internet and web 2.0 - Online Shop

To make an online shop, I proceed this way:
After having studying with you the logistic that will be dedicated to your online shop, or if you have shown me your logistic, I install on your server, or on a more appropriate server, the script we have choosen together .I usually work with 3 scripts: SCSS, PEEL,and OS COMMERCE.

To make the right choise, I go with you on my demos shops that are already installed on my server, and we test together the functionnalities of each of these shops (add an article, change the price, edit a bill, suppressa product, set the delivery processes and prices, etc.)
I selected and tested these scripts which are based on powerfull and secured SQL databases driven by PHP language, which mean a vey solid and adaptative architecture, compatible with all the servers provided by hosting companies.

After your choise is made, we discuss about the graphical you want, and then I install the script on your website's server, I set it up.

The admin interface of all these scripts are always very simple to use, and I train you to:
- Add, classify and suppress your products, insert pictures of these products.
- Manage the quantities
- Manage the transportation section (post/chronopost/etc..) .
- Manage your ordering interface (edit bills, etc.)
- Manage other interesting fonctionnalities (promotion, newsletters, etc...)

Those webshops are multilanguage if you wish.

Contact me for a demo.

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