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the GOOGLE algorythm , the page ranking, the GOOGLE dance, adwords and adsense campains, the "robot.txt" file, the meta Keywords, the optimisation of your website's architecture in order for the indexing robot to visite it with fuidity ...Welcome in the universe of page indexing.

I have a small but successfull navigating experience through this universe and to make this experience successfull, I've been reading books, and testing indexing methods first on my own websites, and then on some clients websites. Well, I can tell you today that reaching a good level of appearance in search engines like google means that you have to apply a real global strategy to your website...a strategy where hasard and chance are nonsenses .

A few clients trusted me for a low price first challenging mission. They have not been disapointed and I made them reach the summit: they can tell you own a business increase after spending a few time on top page of google.
Have a look here to see my results with their websites.

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