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Internet and web 2.0 - Hosting solution

severs.jpgYou website's hosting solution is the first main strategical decision you'll have to make concerning your website. It will play a huge role on it's futur developpment, especially if you plan to had functionnalities like picture galeries, payment interfaces, forums, etc.

Very often this subject of the website does'nt have the place it should in the dialogue between a webmaster and his client. this is due to a simple fact: webasters make easy money by regrouping clients in a samehosting place...which is absolutly not my politic.

What is a web hosting copany ? As you can see on this picture, an hosting company own or rent offices, in which "white chambers" are built. A white chamber can have such a name when it fit with safety rules
-concerning its machines (cables, space in between machines, temperature ragulating systems, saftey energy providers in case of electrical troubbles, etc...)
-concerning the servers softwares installed on the machines.

Your websie is physically hosted on one hard drive, situated in one of these machines, well called servers because their function is to dictribute to the internet users your web pages through their browser (internet explorer or firefox).
it must accomplish this mission without failing 24h/day, 7 days a week, whatever the number of visitors, and where they come from .
Another of its mission is to provide to the webmaster tools and possibilities of installing tools that will allow your website to suit your needs.
Did you get the importance of your hosting solution?

My job includes an audit and consult concerning your hosting solution, and I advise you.

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