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Welcome to création conception développement de sites internet et référencement, Annecy, Genève, webmaster, référencement et SEO, Video, créateur de contenu multimedias web, consulting en stratégie web, éditeur de sites web portails thématiques, tournage, montage et édition vidéo multiformats et pour le web

connect_to_network.pngHydroxygen is a small, movable and adaptive structure that builds simple or evolved websites, integrating and installing classical websites, Content Managing Systems (portal websites, blogs...), online medias stores, online shops that can be updated by you, and that are shaped to be indexed by search engines (GOOGLE, etc.).

hydroxygen is also a consult structure that can help you in global decision making concerning the choice of your hardware, software, and internet strategy.

hydroxygen broadcasts and produces multimedias materials in any format (photo, video, reportage...).

hydroxygen is specialized in shaping statics and/or dynamic websites that are Search Engine Optimized and can re-shape your existing website into such one.

hydroxygen helps you in decision making concerning your marketing strategy on the world wide web (viral marketing, banner displaying, adwords campains, SEO etc.)

hydroxygen produces events specificaly concerning sustainable energies, education, culture and extrem sports.

hydroxygen is the re-formed plasma gas used to throw spaceships in the stars.

Do not hesitate to spend time navigating throught this web interface that describes our philosophy, working methods, and results.

the english version is not updated as often as the french one, and our written english may not suits the purists, sorry for that, we're working on it.

have a nice trip. Hope to meet you soon. :)

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Who am I ?
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  • Geolocalisation
Internet and web 2.0
  • A web site? why and how?
  • Hosting solution
  • Classical website
  • CMS / Portal websites
  • Online Shop
  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
  • Multimedias feeding
Photo and Video
  • Shooting
  • Video montage and broadcasting at any format
  • Integration of video broadcasting interface on your website
  • Internet
  • SEO and GOOGLE positionning
  • Video broadcasting

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